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Master presentation writing and design with our core program.


For agencies, deliverable quality influences your scope.

Agencies with clients that are satisfied with their deliverables are


MORE LIKELY to have their scope increased.

SOURCE: 2020 DeliverableCoaching.com survey of 300 clients that work with agencies on a regular basis.

With better deliverables, your agency is positioned to:

Win more business and retain more clients

Grow your existing accounts

Gain more client advocates

Boost your team’s confidence

Skyrocket client trust and satisfaction

Get a leg up on your competition    

Built for all agency and team roles 

Account and Client teams
Media teams
Strategy teams
Digital and Social teams
Production teams

Insights and Research teams
Analytics teams
New Business teams
Internal teams

Here's what past learners are saying:

Sandi, Production Director


My presentations saw an immediate difference and I received compliments on how 'fresh-looking' my decks were.

Jo, Account Dir.


Keane provides invaluable tips to make presentation building a great deal less labour-intensive, and communicating ideas a great deal more effective, all in a way that's engaging and digestible.

Lisa, Communication Dir.


This is the best training I have ever attended. My confidence levels on producing the right looking deck have soared since I took this training.

Saori​, Manager of Client Success


I am confident that my team is much better equipped to provide insightful deliverables moving forward.

Chloé, VP of Marketing


I very quickly saw a huge shift in how people approached their deliverables: they were much more thoughtful, strategic and goal-driven, which resulted in much more efficient, clearer, and overall better presentations.

Ashley, Managing Dir.


The buzz about the training is truly fantastic. I already feel like it's changed my life 

Zoom-based and designed for learning effectiveness

We spread learning across two, four or eight weeks to provide crucial time to process and practice new skills.

Sessions are video-conference based, one-hour long and highly interactive to maintain attention spans.

Classes are taught in small groups of 4-7 learners to allow for more instructor engagement and discussion.

Master storytelling, writing, design, and visualization.

Acknowledge Constraints

  • Plan your presentation to perfection

  • Cater your content to the right audience

  • Ensure you end on time, every time

Craft Your


  • Build a compelling overarching story

  • Infuse your story with power and emotion

Type Your


  • Write decks that are understood on their own 

  • Write brief, powerful sentences

  • Edit copy to perfection



  • Design inspiring slides

  • Tell a visual story with data and concepts

  • Make clean, modern layouts

  • Keep your audience focused with design tricks



  • Sharpen your story

  • Gain clarity in your writing

  • Create powerful slides

  • Tighten your verbal delivery


Your Tools

  • The simple secret to nailing your voice over

  • How to find and embrace your speaking style

  • How to build decks faster

  • Time-saving PowerPoint tips and tricks



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