Refer a new client,

earn 10% of the project.

Freelancers and contractors:

Have a client that needs some presentation training? Refer Deliverable Coaching and get rewarded.

Earn 10% for referrals

This is a straight up, easy-peasy referral program.

Get 10% for introducing Deliverable Coaching to a new client.

Nothing to sign up for. No links to share. Nada.

So, how does it work?

  1. Introduce Deliverable Coaching to a potential client.

  2. If they sound interested, get in touch with Keane

  3. You and Keane will handle the conversations together

  4. If the project goes through, you'll get 10% of the total fee

Boom. It's that simple.

Need some materials? Here's a one-pager.

Got questions? Give Keane a shout.

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