The ACTION Program™


Innovative presentation writing and design training.

For agencies, deliverable quality influences your scope.

Agencies with clients that are satisfied with their deliverables are


More likely to have their scope increased.

With better deliverables, your agency is positioned to:

Win more business and retain more clients

Grow your existing accounts

Gain more client advocates

Boost your team’s confidence

Skyrocket client trust and satisfaction

Get a leg up on your competition    

Built for all agency and team roles 

Account and Client teams
Media teams
Strategy teams
Digital and Social teams
Production teams

Insights and Research teams
Analytics teams
New Business teams
Internal teams

Here's what past learners are saying:

Sandi, Production Director


My presentations saw an immediate difference and I received compliments on how 'fresh-looking' my decks were.

Jo, Account Dir.


Keane provides invaluable tips to make presentation building a great deal less labour-intensive, and communicating ideas a great deal more effective, all in a way that's engaging and digestible.

Lisa, Communication Dir.


This is the best training I have ever attended. My confidence levels on producing the right looking deck have soared since I took this training.

Saori​, Manager of Client Success


I am confident that my team is much better equipped to provide insightful deliverables moving forward.

Chloé, VP of Marketing


I very quickly saw a huge shift in how people approached their deliverables: they were much more thoughtful, strategic and goal-driven, which resulted in much more efficient, clearer, and overall better presentations.

Ashley, Managing Dir.


The buzz about the training is truly fantastic. I already feel like it's changed my life 


How long does the training take?

For agency teams, there is usually a 1-2 week Discovery Phase before training begins. This helps us customize the cirriculum to meet your team's needs. Then, the program takes place over eight, one-hour sessions spread across two, four, or eight weeks. For freelancers, there is no discovery phase. The program is eight, one-hour sessions spread across eight weeks.

How much does it cost?

For agency teams, there are usually one or two, one-time discovery fees to customize the program. After these fees, the program is priced on a per-participant basis with discounts for more participants. For freelancers, the program is a flat fee for each per participant.

How do participants join the training?

The entire program takes place via live, two-way video conferencing. We currently use Zoom for both agency teams and freelancers.

What does a session look like?

Each session is broken down into three parts: Part 1 - Discussion, Q&A, and recap (5-10 min) Part 2 - Lecture (15-20 min) Part 3 - Group or Individual exercises (20-25 min)

Do you train on PowerPoint, Keynote, Google slides, etc.?

Most of the principles we teach can be applied to any tool. However, we do prefer to teach to PowerPoint as it is currently the industry standard. Google Slides is a great collaboration tool, but a poor design tool and Keynote simply isn't widely adopted enough.

Why spread out sessions over several weeks?

Our brains need time to process and practice new information. Spreading out the sessions over a few weeks is not only academically proven to be effective, our past participants also agree that spreading out sessions is very beneficial. Moreover, it eliminates the need to press pause on your projects! Lastly, regardless of how filled a participant's schedule is, almost everyone can find at least one-hour-per week to dedicate to bettering their skills.

Why train in small groups?

Small groups of four to six are proven to be the most effective at encouraging participation from everyone. Particpation leads to more transformational learning. Additionally, this enables more interaction with the instructor during sessions. You simply don't get this in large groups.

Do you conduct in-person training?

Not currently. This totally goes against our belief that professionals shouldn't need to press pause on their projects and travel to a single location for training. We provide training on your terms - and in-person training is simply too inflexible to do that. Also, in-person training usually is a day or half day session. Learning in such long periods at a time has been proven to be a waste of everyone's time as it's too much for the brain to take in all at once.

Can we do all eight sessions in one or two days?

We definitely do NOT recommend this. It's too much for the brain to process at once. If you want real, lasting transformation - trying to cram it all in at once will not accomplish that.

Is there any homework?

For agency teams in the discovery phase there is about 15-30 minutes of homework per particpant. During the program itself, there is no homework other than "practice what you learned in your day job until our next session."

What disciplines is the program built for?

Almost every major agency and marketing role.

  • Account and client services
  • Strategy and planning
  • Insights, data and analytics
  • Digita and social
  • Production
We don't currently offer training for creative teams as most are quite particular about how they plate creative and tell stories around ideas. However, we're always iterating - get in touch and let's chat if you're interested in training for creatives.

Do you have different programs for different skill levels?

No. Our program is built for everyone, regardless of skill level or seniority. If you've been building decks for 10 years or 10 days, the program will still be wildly beneficial.

Do you have any shorter programs?

No. Eight one-hour sessions is the mimum amount of time needed to realize actual transformation of all skills needed to create better client deliverables. But, we are currently developing an "executive" version of our 8-session program. It should be available on or before April 2020.

Do you train on Public Speaking skills too?

Not really as Public Speaking coaches and programs are a dime-a-dozen. Our programs focus on the building of deliverables - storytelling, writing, and design.

I don’t work in marketing or advertising, can I still take your training?

Yes, any professional knowledge worker will benefit from our training.

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