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The Things We Make Podcast Episodes 05-10 Recap

On the Things We Make Podcast, we have brief conversations with brilliant minds in the marketing and advertising worlds about The Things We Make.

Since our last round-up, we’ve had the honor of speaking with six industry leaders about their perspective on the ever-evolving world of marketing and advertising.

Through the podcast, we’ve had the pleasure of discussing niche-topics from management and leadership, social media navigation, innovation and technology, Gen Z marketing, eCommerce, and beyond.

Here’s a peek at some of the amazing insights that our brilliant guests have shared with us in the past 6 weeks!

Matt Wurst

Fueled with his passion for sports, Matt Wurst began his career as a marketer and part-time sports blogger during the infancy of both industries. Eventually, he got an amazing opportunity with NBA.com where he gained editorial and marketing experience. Matt made the jump to the agency world where he discovered the potential of social media marketing for brands. Today, he’s the Managing Director of North America at Revelation— a full-service content marketing agency.

“I’ve been someone who, in the course of my career, has always been comfortable identifying and supplementing gaps in my skill-set...That may be more right-brain creative skills, the ability to write or tweak content or adapt...I’m someone who has struggled with the ability to make a decision that would orient me in one way while ruling out something else. So I kind of tacked a little bit. I spent some time improving certain skills that were right brain and other skills that were improving my left-brain skills. And that can be process-oriented, financial management, etc. So all of these things together created more of a well-balanced left-brain/right-brain leadership style and management style that I think suits me well for the team that I’m running now.”

Listen to the episode:

Katie Wall

Once a wide-eyed political science student, Katie Wall had initial plans of entering politics. After realizing her heart wasn’t in it, she switched gears to public relations. Katie eventually made the jump to the agency world where she worked with amazing brands like Coca-Cola. Later on in her career, Katie was offered an opportunity to work at Facebook. Now, she helps creative agencies bring their big ideas to life on the world’s largest social media platform.

“My best friend and I when we were little, we used to always play ‘school’ as a game, which probably means we were very nerdy. But, she would always be the teacher because she knew she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. And maybe a year ago, she said to me, ‘Katie, isn’t it so weird how we never knew what you wanted to be when you grew up? Maybe that’s because what you were going to be didn’t exist yet.’ I was like, whoa. That completely blew my mind. And I think about it, in middle school and even until my very last year in high school, Facebook didn’t even exist...The job I have now at Facebook didn’t exist when I started at Facebook. Maybe the next job I have at Facebook or the next job I have after Facebook doesn’t even exist yet.”

Listen to the episode:

Layne Harris

Multi-award winning technologist Layne Harris is a jack of all trades with an innately creative mind. He started his career in the creative technology world and eventually got into software development where he worked with Microsoft and Adobe. After a few years, Layne found himself in the agency world where he was able to unleash his inner creativity.

“One of the reasons I think that a lot of people chose to work with me over other technologists that they could’ve had a choice to work with is that I get so excited about challenges. I get so enthusiastic about ‘can something be solved?’ It’s probably where my superpower lies. It's just really jumping out over a problem until I’m absolutely satisfied if something can either be done or not be done. But whatever it is, I won’t let that question linger. “

Listen to the episode:

Sarah Hofstetter

Sarah has a stellar track record of 20+ years of navigating the world's biggest brands where there are no roads. She initially fell in love with journalism but she eventually found herself in PR and advertising. Now, she’s navigating through the eCommerce industry which has been accelerated during the course of the pandemic.

“One of the things about eCommerce is that it doesn’t fit squarely into a particular department. It’s kind of everybody’s job. It’s part of commercial, so it’s part of sales. It’s part of consumer marketing because it is about protecting your brand. It’s about customer affairs because of the way consumer views. It’s about shopper marketing because it’s how you show up in-store. It’s about pricing and revenue management, it’s about supply chain, it’s about all these different components. And the more people have line of sight into the data associated with that, the more, A) everybody’s working off a single source of truth, and B) the better the dots can be connected.”

Listen to the episode:

Brad Alperin

Brad Alperin is a classically trained actor turned multi-award winning brand strategist. During the emergence of internet marketing, Brad found himself doing something that has never been done before. His communication skills and his empathic approach to strategy and marketing made him an advocate for crafting strategies that changed the world.

“Something that I have always tried to do, is trying to use my power for good and trying to get brands to use their power for good. In many cases I think you can do better business in the long run by doing things that are good in the world. If I do it right, you’ll sell more stuff, but if I do it really right, I can also make an impact in the world that is somehow more positive than it would’ve been if I did nothing. And that is a thing that I think brands have an opportunity to do and it’s something that I try, when I can, to point brands at.”

Listen to the episode:

RG Logan

RG Logan is a multi-awarded strategist and researcher who is passionate about creating strategies with a profound consequence to the world. Initially starting out as a researcher who probes consumer opinion on brands, he eventually moved onto strategy holding roles in prestigious companies such as Hall and partners, Virtue, 360i, and Razorfish. Now, RG has made the big jump from the agency world to the client-side working as SVP of Strategy at The Truth Initiative.

“If you worked in advertising your whole life, you’re used to fewer, bigger, better. The game now, a lot of the time, for better or worse, is about speed. Back in the day, we used to have a campaign that we did maybe once or twice a year. Now, we’re having to really be a lot more prolific by increasing our campaigns because of the way that the media landscape is right now, and the way that young people are right now. Because marketing is so targeted and you’re hitting the audience with a lot of frequency you have to make sure that the creative is really fresh. You have to make sure you don’t hit people over the head with the same message over and over again because that has adverse effects on the brand health as well.”

Listen to the episode:

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