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Prevent Trolls From “Zoombombing” Your Meetings With This Handy Feature!

Video conferencing has helped us stay connected while we practice social distancing. As a result, the users of Zoom, a video conferencing platform, has grown exponentially. Zoom users have exploded from 10 million to 200 million from December to March 2020.

While the platform is an amazing tool for every kind of social function, suspicions about privacy and security have begun to arise.

Because the platform is so easy-to-use, soon enough people found ways to exploit the app. Pranksters welcome themselves uninvited into private Zoom meetings to troll and even harass users.

So how do you secure the privacy of your meetings? Here’s a cool new feature to add as the first line of defense against “Zoombombers”

Zoom Waiting Room

In light of these events, Zoom updated its platform to put this security feature front and center that can help prevent the occurrence of “Zoombombing.”

The Waiting Room feature allows hosts to control the influx of participants. This feature puts attendees on hold until the host personally admits them to the meeting. It also allows hosts to admit attendees one by one or even all at once.

While all attendees can be sent to the waiting room, the host can opt to single out anonymous accounts, guests, and other unwelcomed participants.

Aside from the added security, it’s also a handy feature for when switching gears between two meetings. This means that the Waiting Room feature will prevent the attendee of your next meeting from crashing your current meeting. Pretty handy, huh?

Lastly, you can also customize your waiting room with a personal message. You can even add in your company logo to add a certain level of branding!

Putting it into action

Privacy in the digital age is a complex topic. As the culture of video conferencing continues to flourish during these trying times, it’s important to keep your conversations and information secure.

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