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Improve Slide Legibility With This Killer Layout

It's super common for presentation creators to create a text box that has small words and goes from one edge of the slide to the other, like this:

There's a huge issue with this: sentences that exceed a certain number of characters per line are incredibly hard to read!

But why is that the case? The human eye can only read a certain number of character per-line of text before it gets confused. It just kind of, checks out.

For books, this length is usually around 45-75 character per line.

However, for presentations, there are a few different rules.

Example: The bottom text box in the below example has around 100 characters per line. If you try to actually read what it says, your eyes start to strain about halfway or three-quarters of the way through.

But, check out what happens when we reduce the width of that bottom text box and put some space after each sentence:

Ah! Much better. It's a visceral feeling even. So nice. This reduces the number of characters per line to about 50, definitely on the lower end of that 45-75 character rule we mentioned earlier.

If you find yourself typing small lines of text that go from one side of your slide to the other, try this layout instead.

I call it the 50/50 split.

Designing this layout is super easy - just take an image or a shape and slap it over half of the slide. Then, put some content on the left, or some content on the right - or both!

Here's another example:

And another:

The possibilities are pretty endless.

Try this layout a few times in your next deck. I guarantee it will not only improve legibility, but also boost the overall visual impact of your presentation.

Check out the video here:

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