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The ACTION Program™


Two-way, live video instruction to elevate your output and take your career to the next level.

$187.50 per week for eight weeks

Two 30-min sessions per week

Your career will thank you.

Our 8-session program spread across 2, 4, or 8 weeks will permanently transform your professional output.

We spread learning across a few weeks to provide crucial time to process and practice new skills.

Sessions are short and multi-modal to maintain attention spans throughout.

We use live, two-way video instruction to touch base and even use your work as examples.

Here's what our past participants have to say:

My presentations saw an immediate difference and I received compliments on how 'fresh-looking' my decks were

– Sandi, Social Producer

Keane finds a way to remove the mystery behind great design, while still keeping the magic of a great deck alive. 

Abe, Tech Solutions Dir.

It's perfectly weighted with information, exercises and doesn't waste any time. I genuinely wish I'd had this years ago. 

– Robin, Commercial Dir.

It will change the deck-building part of your life!
I had specific feedback on how good my deck was for the first time ever.

– Treena, COO

$187.50 per week for eight weeks

Two 30-min sessions per week

Transform your skills on your terms.

Live instruction via video conference 

Eight, one-hour sessions per group

Two, four or eight week program lengths

Dynamic syllabus that adapts to your needs

Sessions combine lecture and hands-on exercise

$187.50 per week for eight weeks

Two 30-min sessions per week

Acknowledge Constraints

  • Plan your presentation to perfection

  • Cater your content to the right audience

  • Ensure you end on time, every time

Craft Your


  • Build a compelling overarching story

  • Infuse your story with power and emotion

Type Your


  • Write decks that are understood on their own 

  • Write brief, powerful sentences

  • Edit copy to perfection


It Visually

  • Design inspiring slides

  • Tell a visual story with data and concepts

  • Make clean, modern layouts

  • Keep your audience focused with design tricks



  • Sharpen your story

  • Gain clarity in your writing

  • Create powerful slides

  • Tighten your verbal delivery


Your Tools

  • The simple secret to nailing your voice over

  • How to find and embrace your speaking style

  • How to build decks faster

  • Time-saving PowerPoint tips and tricks

$187.50 per week for eight weeks

Two 30-min sessions per week

No project down time, work on your work

No expensive travel costs or travel time

Train from anywhere

Program structure backed by academic research

$187.50 per week for eight weeks

Two 30-min sessions per week

Master Presentation 
Storytelling and Design

Use your work to practice during the sessions.

One-on-One Coaching FAQs

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