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It's science: traditional training is the worst way to learn a new skill.

Want to know what's strange about traditional corporate training? It does the opposite of what neuroscience and psychology tells us is best.


Cramming tons of information into a single day is an effective way to learn.


For over a century, humans have known that spacing out learning over several days or weeks is far more effective than cramming it in all at once.



Studying and practicing a new skill for hours and hours at a time is the best way to remember it.


In study after study, research has found that short bursts of learning (anywhere between 30 and 50 minutes) to be the ideal amount of time for our brains.



Getting dozens of people into the same room at once to train is more efficient for our organization.


Learning is ideal when done in small groups of four to six people. This encourages discussion and ensures everyone participates. Large groups discourage both of these critical elements of learning.


Built using cutting-edge research on learning effectiveness.

Unlike traditional training, The ACTION Program is built for tangible, lasting transformation.

We spread learning across a few weeks to provide crucial time to process and practice new skills.

Sessions are short and multi-modal to maintain attention spans throughout.

Classes are taught in small groups to allow for more instructor engagement and meaningful discussion.


We’ve created a proven learning environment that your brain will love.

Live two-way video instruction in short bursts over a few weeks with small groups.

Live instruction via video conference 

Eight, one-hour sessions per group

Two, four or eight week program lengths

Five to ten participants per group

Sessions feature lectures, discussions, and exercises

No need to press pause on your projects! 

Keep business moving while you level-up.

No project down time

No expensive travel costs or travel time

Train from anywhere

Practice skills between sessions

Become a deck writing and design connoisseur.

The ACTION Program teaches you a sure-fire process for creating world-class deliverables. 

Acknowledge Constraints

  • Plan your presentation to perfection

  • Cater your content to the right audience

  • Ensure you end on time, every time

Craft Narrative

  • Build a compelling overarching story

  • Infuse your story with power and emotion



  • Write decks that are understood on their own 

  • Write brief, powerful sentences

  • Edit copy to perfection

Illustrate Visually

  • Design inspiring slides

  • Tell a visual story with data and concepts

  • Make clean, modern layouts

  • Keep your audience focused with design trick

Obliterate Clutter

  • Sharpen your story

  • Gain clarity in your writing

  • Create powerful slides

  • Tighten your verbal delivery

Navigate Your Tools

  • The simple secret to nailing your voice over

  • How to find and embrace your speaking style

  • How to build decks faster

  • Time-saving PowerPoint tips and tricks

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