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Today's work environment is nuts.

Like most marketing and sales professionals, you are probably feeling some pressure.

With teams and clients spread across the globe, the need for collaboration and effective communication has never been higher. To top it off, the amount of data at our fingertips can be absolutely overwhelming.

Miscommunications cost businesses billions of dollars each year. On the flip side, companies that communicate effectively have seen higher profits and stakeholder returns.

Ineffectively packaging insights, sales pitches, reports and plans leads to misguided decisions and lost sales opportunities which cost businesses very real money.

So why is old school presentation training ineffective?

They teach you the 
wrong skills in outdated ways.

You don't learn any storytelling skills

All-day sessions cause massive project delays

Content is off-the-shelf and not customized

Only built for group instruction

Results are never quantified

How do we package this critical information?


Effective presentations are a critical tool for communication and ubiquitous in today's workplace. Yet, most presentations are too long, too confusing, or just plain boring.

We tune out and stop caring, even though the information could be life-changing.

So what's missing?

A story.

Stories are the oldest form of human communication. They touch us emotionally, shape our worldview and motivate us to act.

You would think that an important skill like storytelling would be one that we focus on cultivating. Think again.

But, only 7% of marketers have received presentation training in the last year.

95% of marketing leaders think their teams could improve their storytelling and design skills for presentations.

Source: IDM Professional Skills Census survey of 377 marketers, 2018 / Deliverable Coaching survey of 250  marketers, 2018)


Presentation training.


Learn comprehensive storytelling skills

Gain focus with a custom curriculum

Minimal to zero project downtime

Programs for groups and individuals 

Train teams anywhere, any size

Quantified result tracking

What if you could...

Build more trust

Inspire more action

Drive more sales


Having a curriculum customized just for your team

Learning one-on-one or in a group

Immediately applying what you learn

Learning on your terms, wherever you are

Keeping all projects on schedule

Seeing quantified improvement overtime

Meet the founder:

Keane Angle

Keane is an award-winning advertising creative strategist turned presentation consultant.

During his decade-long career, he specialized in creating data-driven strategies for global brands such as Coca-Cola, IKEA, and NBC Universal. 

Since 2018, Keane raised millions in capital by helping craft pitch-deck narratives for startups.

Today, Keane trains teams to build presentations that win the hearts and minds of their audiences through storytelling.

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Old-school presentation training 
isn't cutting it anymore.

Here's why...

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What Clients Are Saying

Over just a few short weeks, Keane’s live webinar series transformed the way hundreds of our employees tell stories with their presentations. 

He optimized the content of each webinar week over week to meet the needs of our company. 

The response from people around the globe has been glowing – I highly recommend him!”

– Sarah Hofstetter, President

I am confident that my team is much better equipped to provide insightful deliverables moving forward thanks to your webinars. 

I am currently planning on having my team review a research deck recently created and have them put these newly learned skills to practice!

– Manager, Client Success

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