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Hi, I’m Keane -  
and I have an unhealthy obsession with presentations.

I spent the first eleven years of my professional career in the advertising world as an award-winning Strategist.

I had the pleasure of working with brands like Coca-Cola, Kraft, Burger King, NBC Universal, General Electric, and many more. 

Today, I work with ad agencies and marketers to give them the skills they need to tell better stories, design better deliverables, and keep their clients happier.

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Today, I'm focusing on building the best training program the world has ever seen.

In 2017, after 11 years in advertising strategy, I decided to go deeper down the presentation rabbit hole and became a full-time Presentation Consultant, founding CRISPY and Deliverable Coaching.

Since then, I’ve had the honor of...

  • Training hundreds of employees across the globe

  • Writing and designing global deliverables for Fortune 500 firms

  • Helping to raise million for startups by crafting their pitch decks

Today, I’m focusing on creating the heckin’ best presentation writing and design training programs the world has ever seen - because the world doesn’t need another “average” deck. 

I’d love to connect!


Throughout my career...

I have always placed an extreme emphasis on the importance of presentations and deliverables. Like, an extreme emphasis.

What I noticed in my professional life was that deliverable quality varied wildly from one person to the next. I’m not talking a little - I’m talking about a boatload of variance.

Some stories were amazing, but were also an eyesore.

Some looked great, but lacked substance.
Most were just… forgettable.

I mean, think about the “average” presentation - yikes!

But in the agency world, your deliverables ARE the job. And also for agencies, there’s a direct correlation between the value they provide to their clients and the overall quality of their output.

If it looks great, and sounds great - odds are, clients and stakeholders will think it’s great… because it probably is!

But, deliverables are such a weird thing to talk about.

On the one hand, they’re the most important part of our professional lives - especially in the marketing world.

They are the physical manifestation of all our hard work! It’s something we can point to and go “this is the plan!” or “here’s what I made today” or “this is the summary of all that research I did!”

Even though they have this absolutely critical role in our professional lives, no one really talks about how to make them truly great.

Usually we associate “presentation training” with “public speaking training.” That’s only one part of the massively complex puzzle that is the world of building a great client deliverable.

Even more strange is that many people are perfectly content going their whole careers creating perfectly forgettable decks.

What if those decks were amazing? 

What new ideas, plans, thinking, breakthroughs, or campaigns would have been put into action?

Just thinking about it gets me fired up!

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