Hi, I’m Keane -  
I'm your on-demand Chief Presentation Officer.

I spent the first eleven years of my professional career in the advertising world as a multi-award-winning ad strategist.

I had the pleasure of working with brands like Coca-Cola, Kraft, Burger King, NBC Universal, General Electric, and many more. 

Today, I work with professionals and teams from all backgrounds and verticals to give them expert guidance on their presentations when they need it most: right now.

Let's get to work!

30 UNDER 30

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Presentation is everything.

I have always placed an extreme emphasis on the importance of presentations and deliverables.


I mean, an extreme emphasis.

Why? Presentation is everything.

If it looks great, and sounds great, odds are our stakeholders or clients will think it's great.

There is an intrinsic relationship between the success of our careers and our companies and the overall quality of the presentations we produce.

After spending eleven years in the advertising world pitching Fortune 500 brands, this lesson stuck with me.

Today, average presentations just don't cut it.

Think about all of the amazing content we see out there. 

It's so easy to create beautiful looking content with tools like Canva and other apps that make design accessible.

The problem is, we're not all designers.

Moreover, we're not all storytellers.

And communication of the complex can be really hard.

But, we can't all take time off work to train. 


We're busy!

Also, it can be risky, expensive, and potentially a major waste of time.


Over the last three years, I've trained and coached professionals to elevate their output.


Know what works best? Hands-on guidance. 


My entire model revolves around this idea: providing personal, actionable guidance to professionals and teams looking to elevate their presentations.


Today, I coach teams and professionals to produce the best work of their careers.

So how do you get started?

Like anything, it's crucial to understand how Deliverable Coaching works.

First up, click below to find out:

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