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Does your day revolve around ideas?

Not ideas like tiny giraffes...

Ideas like recommendations, analysis, insights, strategies, plans, thought leadership, and reports!

Getting there takes

a heck-load of skills.

Storytelling Skills

90% say the story behind a presentation was what held their attention
63% remember stories vs. only 5% remember facts
The memory can improve 600-700% when information is wrapped in a story.
Storytelling increases our willingness to cooperate at a neurological level

Writing & Communication Skills

Communication was Linkedin’s second most in-demand soft skill of 2018
Companies with highly effective communication have 47% higher shareholder returns 
73.4% of employers want candidates with strong written communication skills

Design Skills

Presentations that use visuals are 43% more persuasive than those that don’t 
75%of judgments about a website’s credibility are aesthetics-based
We process visuals 60,000 times faster than text

Data Visualization Skills

The use of data visualizations could shorten business meeting by 24%
High quality infographics are 30x more likely to be read than plain text
68% of people believe a claim with just words or numbers, vs. 97% with a graph

In-person & Remote Speaking Skills

75% of people suffer from speech anxiety prior to giving a presentation
46% admit that they’ve been distracted during a co-worker’s presentation
89% work on at least one virtual team

84% say virtual communication is more difficult than in-person communication

Sources: 1) Prezi, "The 2018 State of Attention Report", 2018 2) Stanford University study, “Narrative stories as mediators for serial learning”, 1969 3) Zak, “Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling” HBR, 2014 4) Towers Watson, “Capitalizing on Effective Communication”, 2010 5) National Association of Colleges and Employers 6) Culture Wizard 2018 Trends in High-Performing Global Virtual Teams, 7) Aragon Research 8) Fuze Survey 9) No Jitter


make the intangible TANGIBLE.

Presentations condense sometimes hundreds of hours of our sweat and tears down to just a handful of slides.

The goal of those slides?

Getting our audience to act on our ideas and recommendations.

Yet, it’s harder than ever to inspire action.

Our presentations have to compete with a firehose of information and content that is constantly distracting, tugging, and influencing the brains of our audiences.

What does this mean?

It’s not enough to just throw a few bullet points on a slide anymore.



Presentation training.

Learn all the skills needed to make a great deck in a modern way:

storytelling, writing,  design, data-visualization, and delivery.

Remote training for a remote world

Customized based on team needs

As little as one-hour per week

Cost-effective, group environment

Quantified result tracking

The good news? These skills can be learned...

But who has time for training?

Teams are spread out geographically

Departments can’t afford to delay projects

Off-the-shelf training isn't relevant

It’s no wonder that only 7% have undergone presentation training in the last 12 months!

Source: IDM Professional Skills Census survey of 377 marketers, 2018

Meet the founder and instructor:

Keane Angle

Keane is an award-winning advertising creative strategist turned presentation consultant.

For the first eleven-years of his career, he specialized in creating data-driven strategies for global brands such as Coca-Cola, IKEA, GE, and NBC Universal. 

Since 2017, Keane has helped raise several million in capital by crafting winning pitch-deck narratives for dozens of startups. He also works as a presentation consultant with several Fortune 500 companies.

Today, Keane trains teams to build presentations that win the hearts and minds of their audiences through holistic presentation skills.

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Our professional lives increasingly depend on our ability to create ideas, plans, and recommendations.

The problem?

Ideas aren't tangible!

This makes them hard to communicate.

Loved by participants and managers,

Deliverable Coaching is a better way to train.

Over just a few short weeks, Keane’s live webinar series transformed the way hundreds of our employees tell stories with their presentations. 

He optimized the content of each webinar week over week to meet the needs of our company. 

The response from people around the globe has been glowing – I highly recommend him!”

– Sarah Hofstetter, Previous President

"Over my 18 years experience and multiple sales training seminars and workshops, I've never had PowerPoint training as thorough and helpful and easy to digest, as Keane presented it."

– VP Enterprise Ad Tech, Activation & Ad Platforms,

"Keane utilizes simplified yet powerful narratives to deliver action-oriented results. His vibrant personality and expertise made him a pleasure to work with!"

– Robert S., Research Analyst, Winkle Research

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